The Events of Jewish History is a new methodology for teaching Jewish history. In just one concise audio-visual presentation (45-75 minutes, paced according to audience), we cover all 6000 years using a series of timeline periods, shown in digital linear animation.

Designed in response to a gap in knowledge of Jewish history, our presentation enables participants to attain and retain basic and vital historical facts.

Can your colleagues/students/congregation answer these questions?

Did Chanukah happen before Purim?

Did Rashi witness the Crusades?

Did Maimonides leave Spain due to the Inquisition?

Unfortunately, most people today cannot answer the following questions correctly. And that’s where Jewish History in a Flash comes in! We turn blurred and confusing dates into a fascinating narrative of lineal descent, achievement and Divine Providence. Invite us to your school, college, synagogue, community center, camp, youth movement or the like… and we'll fill in the blanks!

With focused presentations, inter-related to other curricula, our program enhances Tanach courses, Diaspora studies, mesorah education, and the like, or simply helps place events in their correct historical positions.

The session includes humor, images, sound bites, popular memory cues, review prompts, interactive maps and lots of additional entertaining features, making this a presentation you won’t forget!

Participants receive an attractive bookmark summarizing the presentation – a perfect gift to help retain the major periods that have seen the Jewish nation through its centuries.

We offer a series of follow-up assignments and quick quizzes (together with complete answer sheets) as a means of review and self-assessment. For educators, these can be used as a mini-curriculum – our program comes to you complete!

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