Jewish History in a Flash offers Scholar in Residence programs, tailored to suit your community. We create a unique Shabbaton or weekday package that accompanies our multimedia presentations and includes the whole family! This means you can offer your constituents a wholesome experience, whether over a weekend or as a 'yom iyun'.

As part of our available Shabbaton resources, we offer a very popular family quiz (best over Shabbat lunch) plus other adult lectures, teenage workshops and short story sessions for children, all aimed at providing a background to the chosen presentation topic(s), to be shown after Shabbat or on Sunday.

This is ideal for a community retreat or simply for a 'quiet' neighborhood Shabbat!

Feel free to suggest a schedule and we will do our best to make it happen... successfully!


Sample lecture topics:

The Magic of Prophecy

Accepting the Torah - Four Times in Jewish History

We Received the Torah, so Why Do We Need a Mesorah?

Five 'Unusual' Stories, One 'Simple' Explanation

The Writing of the Septuagint - the Darkest Days of Jewish History

Crowning Rabbi Akiva as the Most Influential Person in Jewish History

Jewish History - Who Cares?

Understanding Jewish History - an Holistic Approach

Is the Unwritten Book the Most Important?

When Did the Jewish Calendar Begin?