Words, messages, proclamations and, at times, even wordless actions can change everything. Who can know the eventual impact of one's statements?

We decided it was time to show how in every generation statements carry consequences, some positive and others not so.

In this presentation we have specifically selected some less obvious yet significant statements that helped shape Jewish History.

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After you have attended this presentation:

At the end of each presentation, participants receive a unique bookmark which sums up the key learned elements. For this presentation, we have an additional printable bookmark which will serve as a reminder of the specific quotes discussed in each time period.

Feel free to print this bonus card. Best to follow these instructions to ensure the printout matches the main bookmark you have received:

1) Right click here for the English version.

לחץ כאן לגירסה בעברית

2) Left click "Save link as"

3) Choose where to save the file and click "Save"

4) Go to the folder in which you saved the file and open the pdf document

5) Make sure the setting "Page Scaling" is set to "None" so that the document prints without scaling.


Statements Flyer - Generic

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