Step Forward is another compact, succinct and inspirational multimedia presentation. This time, we are sampling the consistent pattern of Jewish devotion in times of need to ensure the survival of local and international communities.
Over the centuries, countless people have risen to the challenge of leadership and lay leadership. Most have faded into history and are regretfully forgotten. But we aim through this presentation to pay tribute to those whose names and stories we know and to the millions of whom we can only imagine.
Our nation's unity and continuity have always depended on these amazing people. Whether they offered dedication or donations, whether they demonstrated selflessness, self-sacrifice, heroism or braveness, we salute our ancestors. As we explore the lives and actions of just a selection of role models, our intention is that the tribute we pay here will also echo respect for those who have faded into oblivion, rendering their deeds eternal. 
The 45-65 minute session ends with a direct question: What are YOU doing to step forward and to emulate and perpetuate the goodness, kindness and altruism we have just seen, in an effort to build our nation?
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