The Transmission – a second audio-visual presentation narrating the transmission of Torah through the ages.

Using the same lecture model and methodology as were used in our ‘Events’ presentation, The Transmission is an overview of Torah’s development, transmission and achievement.

Our first presentation was a great success, with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and knowledge levels benefiting in Israel, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, the USA, Panama, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. This new lecture will serve as a follow-on and as a deeper level of narration of Jewish history for those that have seen the ‘Events’ presentation, while still offering a strong and valuable educational experience for those new to our material.

Through the course of our history, the Jewish nation has experienced unprecedented highs and lows, yet – no matter the location, level of persecution or attempts of annihilation – dedication has ensured our Torah has been passed down from one generation to the next. Among other factors, time has distanced us from Har Sinai, yet Torah prevailed and the Jewish nation still remains loyal to it. What is the secret?

The Transmission explains:

The role each period of Jewish heritage played in the overall outcome of the Jewish nation and its survival

Why we need a Written and an Oral Torah

How and when today’s countless interpretations of Jewish law and philosophy developed

Using memory cues, sound bites, video aides and interactive maps, we tell the story in a way you’ve never heard it before!

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