Turn it Around! races through Jewish history from the specific perspective of those who struggled and succeeded.
People tend to find themselves in tough situations in life, often through no fault of their own. Some are short-term but others can be life-long. No matter the length of time or severity of the issue, it is human nature to fight for survival.
Over the centuries, irrespective of where and when, Jews have battled and pulled through, both on public and personal problems. Many were able to achieve and be remembered for all time for having beaten the odds.
This presentation demonstrates that one can triumph under all circumstances. Using some 20+ examples, we expose the amazing competencies, abilities and attainment from our earliest ancestors until the present age.
Our goal is to motivate our audiences by showing that one can thrive in the face of adversity, even accomplish greatly, by making vital decisions, channeling effort and maintaining focus. In one hour, we hope to inspire our audiences to rise to their own challenges, thereby taking a place in history... and in this presentation!
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