World History and the Jews – another multimedia presentation providing an overview of world history and development, showing the rise and fall of countless civilizations in contrast to Jewish survival, achievement & destiny.

This lecture demonstrates how so many civilizations have risen and fallen throughout the millennia, building, inventing and leaving a huge impact behind, yet the tiny Jewish nation has survived and continues to offer so much light to the world. Religions have come and gone, some have grown strong, yet Judaism prods along, remaining loyal to its beliefs.

This presentation comes as part of our longer-term effort to create numerous high quality lectures that portray Jewish history from every angle and standpoint. Audiences have expressed interest in the connection between Jewish events and those of the wider world; so here we are!

The accompanying bookmark for this presentation is designed to match our others. When held side by side, the time perspective and context of both Jewish history and World history is apparent, thus providing a wider knowledge and appreciation.

This is truly an inspirational and educational presentation. We are confident you will enjoy and learn!

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