Jewish History in a Flash is proud to advertise its Young Events Workshop for ‘younger’ audiences, aged between 7 and 12. Based on the Jewish History in a Flash lecture module, our Events presentation is now available for elementary school classes.

Possibly the largest obstacle educators experience in trying to teach history to children is their inability to appreciate time. In a child’s mind, events of a century ago and of a millennium ago all seem a million years in the past! To that end, this new Young program offers an attainable and age-appropriate overview of Jewish history, providing the knowledge coupled with time, context and sequence.

Jewish History in a Flash provides a pdf workbook which the school prepares in advance of the workshop (teachers' manual also available). Each child fills out his/her own workbook, under instruction, during the 2-hours of contact time. After the session, the students complete the workbook (indicated images) under the direction of their own teachers and turn the workbook into a clear and colorful timeline, providing apparent context to the story of Jewish history and heritage.

This is an exciting program which has been extremely well received at schools in the USA, Belgium, Gibraltar, Australia and New Zealand – each of different educational standard and Jewish knowledge.